Carefully Bred Proprietary Crop Varieties

Using techniques such as marker-assisted cross breeding and advanced technology including CRISPR-Cas9, we are able to create our own proprietary crop varieties that are more energy efficient, faster growing and better tasting.

Our current flagship products include: 

  • Crystal strawberry

  • Ruby strawberry

  • Cherry tomato and vegetable varieties currently in development.

Using customized cultivation methods, we are able to control every aspect of our crop development, with minimal air-conditioning and pesticide usage. Our strawberry plants only take 3½ months from planting to harvesting, compared to over 6 months under natural conditions.

Some of our methods include

  • precision hydroponics

  • greenhouse hybrid lighting

  • tissue cultures

Our patented hydroponic racks come with a slew of technology to increase farm efficiency, allowing for higher yields, more precise control and reliable analytics. We are constantly developing our hardware capabilities to meet the needs of our farm and clients.

Some technology our farms use include

  • AI-assisted automatic harvesting/pollination systems

  • smart control panels for precise control and data collection

  • Patent pending hydroponic racks

Our Technology

A Faster Cultivation Method

Hydroponic Racks