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What are the crops being grown inside the farm?

White Strawberries

Seasonal Red Strawberries,

Everbearing Red Strawberries,

Japanese Mustard Spinach (Komatsuna)

 Cherry Tomatoes

What are the payment options?

For Delivery: Paynow ONLY

For Pick-up: Cash or Paynow

What is the temperature in the Farm?

The farm's temperature is around 22 - 26°C throughout the day. Our crops have been selectively bred to be more temperature resistant than their temperate growing counterparts, allowing us to grow them at warmer temperatures.

Are your crops GMO?

No, our crops are a result of cross breeding various species to produce our current line of cultivated crops. 100% GMO-free, synthetic pesticide free. All our hydroponic inputs are natural products and SFA-approved.

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