Our Story

We came into existence with the goal of providing products that no other companies can match. With a strong background in biological sciences and expertise in research and development, we have what it takes to stay relevant and at the bleeding edge of the agricultural field. We break through environmental barriers by cultivating seasonal crops all year round, disrupting the fresh produce market all while utilizing less energy and resources than other farms.

Our co-founders, Dr Bao Shengjie and Mr Xu Tao, have extensive experience in the field of plant physiology and have years of research under their belt. Together, they developed a novel hydroponics system suitable for growing crops well in tropical countries. To showcase our technology, we chose to grow our proprietary selectively-bred premium strawberries right here in the downtown region of Singapore.

Currently, there are three main problems with imported strawberries in tropical countries.


High Cost


Inconsistent supply

Because they have an extremely short shelf life, imported strawberries need to be transported in a cold chain and by air. The transportation costs make up to 60% of the final retail price.

Imported strawberries are usually harvested prematurely. This leads to at least 30% less sugar accumulated in the fruit, resulting in a sour taste.

The imported strawberry supply to South-East Asian countries is highly limited and seasonal. The supply and price fluctuations in the offseason are dramatic.

How do we address these problems?