Frequently Asked Questions

What are the crops being grown inside the farm?

We currently grow 3 types of crops in the farm. They are: Japanese Mustard Spinach (also known as Komatsuna), Cherry Tomatoes, and Ruby Strawberries.

What is the temperature inside the farm?

The farm is cooled to about 26 - 28°C throughout the day. Our crops have been selectively bred to be more temperature resistant than their temperate growing counterparts, allowing us to grow them at warmer temperatures.

Are your crops GMO?

No, our crops are a result of cross breeding various different variants of each crop to produce our current line of cultivated crops. We grow 100% GMO-free, synthetic pesticide- and fertiliser-free crops. All our hydroponic inputs are natural products and SFA-approved.

Why are there white spots on the leaves?

The white spots are a result of applying diatomaceous earth onto the leaves. Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that has been crumbled into a fine white powder. It is actually derived from the fossilised remains of microalgae! It is 100% food safe and has been approved by the FDA as a natural pest control agent.

Why are there 2 types of growth lights being used?

The type of light used is dependent on the crop being cultivated. Leafy greens (such as the Komatsuna and cherry tomatoes being grown) generally perform better when grown under blue light, while strawberries grow better under whitish-red light.

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